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Over the last 12 months, that economic disruption has hurt both sales growth and profits since management has been reluctant to raise prices even as costs spike higher, choosing instead to prioritize market share. Improving revenue growth would imply an end to that squeeze soon, though. And that would give the company room to slowly bring its Colombian profit margins back in line with those seen in its other, more stable markets. Monsanto's profit forecast Agricultural giant Monsanto is due to post earnings results ahead of the opening bell on Thursday. Its stock has trailed the market slightly in 2016 as operating income slumps under the pressure of weak pricing on many of its core seed products. Execution slip-ups added to that decline last quarter, as a delay of its latest Roundup launch lowered soybean volume and contributed to profitability declines. Over the last nine months, Monsanto's net profit margin has declined to 14% of sales from 22% in the prior-year period. Image source: Monsanto. CEO Hugh Grant and his executive team believe cost cuts and product innovation have laid the foundation for a resumption of profit growth in 2017.

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