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Author Ron Chernow discusses hip-hop musical 'Hamilton' | Cornell Chronicle

Although one is a New York Times best-selling biographer and the other a Grammy-award winning musician and actor, the pair has collaborated to create Hamilton, one of the most brilliantly executed musicals of the 21st century. And just like the musicals title character, Miranda told the story as it is and not how it ought to be. For Chernow, author of the biography on which the musical is based, that is the only way the life of Hamilton should be portrayed. Sitting down with Weill Cornell Medicine students, faculty and staff on March 1 as the latest speaker for the institutions Readers and Writers Series which seeks to expose medical students to disciplines and subjects they wouldnt otherwise have the opportunity to explore Chernow conveyed to the audience a sense of the magic behind making a smash Broadway musical. When Lin first approached me about his idea, he said Alexander Hamiltons life was a classic hip-hop narrative, said Chernow, whose book, Alexander Hamilton, has been on the Times best-seller list for 22 weeks. And when he realized he was speaking to the biggest hip-hop ignoramus, Chernow recalled, Lin said, Ron, let me educate you in hip-hop. Miranda later invited him to be the historical adviser for the musical; Chernow remembered asking, Does that mean I tell you when something is wrong? To which Miranda sincerely replied, Yes, I want the historians to take this seriously which, Chernow said, was music to his ears. Using hip-hop to pack Hamiltons story into quick, condensed lyrics that told a very rich, complex story, the composer had seriously impressed the author. Chernow recalled the whirlwind of emotions that have come with having a best-selling biography turn into a box-office-breaking Broadway musical. The idea of middle-aged men sitting around discussing politics in 1776 conjures up remote, musty figures in our minds, Chernow said.

The shoes are thought to mimic the shape of a women's foot during arousal. The A&E network has also jumped on the tattoo-reality-television-ship with “Inked.” She is also a host of the show American Top Model and this is to show that black women are not just making a mark in beauty but, they are leaders in their own right. Some great programs : - Futbol al Día : A sports program with the most important news on national and international football - Telediario : The most important news on Monterrey, to keep you up-to-the-minute on the main events at the local and national levels - Gruperisimo : A program with regional Mexican music, videos of the week, contests, coverage of events and information on concerts and artists from this musical genre Teleritmo is the Monterrey, Mexico channel where you can enjoy all the Grupero music videos, events, news, current affairs and videos. While the origin of the mummers remains unclear, they were still a vital part of Irish tradition up to the present century. Firm decisions cut the past away unreservedly and that penetrating quality makes an open door that otherwise does not come to exist. As well, Mojave women, after marriage would tattoo vertical blue lines on their chin. While less common, those that simply spend one day a month outside, particularly between the hours of 10 and 2, can develop permanent vision problems.