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Her vision is informed by many things; the visual element, first and foremost. Van Emmeriks architectural approach to plating is the thing that gives her the most joy in the kitchen. I love plating. Plating is my favorite thing to do, she said. Im really proud of our soups in particular, because theyre all broken down. We put the elements of the soup in the bowl, and then your server pours the broth in at the table. Its just a really nice visual presentation. Then theres the fact that van Emmerik, who grew up in Sedgwick, has a natural affinity for seafood she grew up in a fishing community, and later cooked at two restaurants that both place emphasis on using local seafood. Six out of the 18 dishes currently on the Novios menu feature seafood, from a corn-battered oyster trio and a smoked seafood plate, to the seared cod in a dashi broth, to the visually-stunning pan-seared local scallops in a chili-sesame glaze, set atop ruby red pureed beets and topped with bright green frisee lettuce. I grew up around seafood. Ive cooked with it all my life, she said. But I also grew up in a place where local food and local farms are really important, so thats really important to me too. Uniquely to van Emmerik, however, is the fact that many of the dishes that appear at Novios are inspired by her own family stories.