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So what, if anything, has changed? I think that for so long, for men, there was only one acceptable form of blackness you could show to the world and that meant short, cropped hair, says celebrity stylist and menswear journalist Abena Ofei. Within black culture weve always known that its not a monolith that its diverse. Now, with Netflix, YouTube and all the different avenues to tell stories, people are being allowed to show that. Ofei thinks theres a distinction between the updated Afros of the likes of Glover and John Legend and the Froot Loop colours popular in hip-hop and sport. I think the musicians and sports personalities are doing it because it sets them apart and its attention-grabbing. Its like peacocking to attract the opposite sex or the same sex. But when Dennis Rodman was [dyeing his hair] years ago he was a freak. Now its less so.


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